Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So, I don't buy or wear a whole lot of make-up...but I'm thinking of starting...Wonder Women make-up at the Mac counter!!! YAY!

First Entry

Here goes nothin'...

I have wanted to start blogging for, what seems like, FOREVER!  I guess I've been putting it off because I've felt like my thoughts aren't worth jotting down. That my life isn't that exciting or interesting. I've decided just to go for it!  Read if you like...and if you don't like, that's okay, too ; )

Today the sun is shining...outside. I wish I felt that way. Isn't life something? Things that we go through.

Life is good, though. I have a wonderful husband who lets me stay home to take care of our children and home. The kids are healthy & smart. I have so many friends and so much family that I am so, so very thankful for.

Today William and I went to story time at the library with our new friends, Nikki & Shia. Dub loves story time...a story, bubbles, songs and toys. I also love story time...I get to socialize. I love to socialize!!

I have recently started a new book,with my new book club gals. Water for Elephants...so far I'm really enjoying it!

Can't wait for the movie!

Well, here's to my blog....